Thursday, December 22, 2011

New face

I worked about 3 hours on this face. I have been trying to improve on my adult fairy faces. I think she came out lovely! I think I will make her into a mermaid on a moon! Lots to do over the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Whisp of Winterland

Whisp is the first of hopefully four wee faeries I will be displaying for sell at the IADR table at the fabulous IDEX 2012!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Faerie wings

Decided to create a different style faerie wing for my IDEX faeries! It is old school style made from tissue, tons of glitter and sealed in 3 d laquer. Yay!

The white wings are for a snow faerie. They were very hard to photograph!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Faerie Slipper

Today I worked on my very first faerie slipper!! It measures around 5 inches long! I cant wait to sculpt a sweet little fae to sit into it!! Yay!

This slipper was made using a drawn paper shoe I cut out, then used paper mache to form it. I then used a later of paper raffetta (sp?) and then a layer of fusible fibers and a layer of dryer sheet ( yep ) then covered in glittet gloss. I added a few butterfly stencils, some flower decor and a cute little faerie dust bottle! Lastly I added soft white trim around the slipper! Did I mention glitter? Loads and loads of sparkling glitter!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinup Contest!

The International Art Doll Registry is having a contest for September.

Pinups is the theme. Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE pinup art!!! So I thought it would be fun to include  everyone in deciding which pinup I will use to inspire me to create a sculpture for this contest. The photo below is 3 of my most favorite demure pinups. Please help me choose!

The lady with the most votes will be my inspiration. I will post work in progress photos along the way of sculpting her. I have only 3 weeks to get her done. And with my time schedule, that is not long! Come on friends! Play along! :)

Yay! I am excited!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Sculpture for Sale since hiatus!

Well here she is folks. My first Steampunk inspired sculpture and my first to list on ebay in a very long time!
I hope she does well!

Ebay Link

Friday, March 25, 2011

As easy as riding a bike?

I have been on hiatus for 3 years now, I keep trying to complete a piece, but it really is like starting all over. I have had to relearn the techniques of sculpting. I have finished about 6 heads now all different sizes but have not completed one single art piece.

But I continue to sculpt on hoping that eventually a Little Person will be smiling up at me.

Here is one face I completed a last week. It sits upon my worktable, bodiless.

It isn't as if I don't have inspiration, but with inspiration comes interuption. :)

So last night while watching "Fly Me to the Moon" with Princess Marcella and my Lord Michael, I got to work on an armature for a little 5 1/2 inch pixie. I am bound and determined to complete her, because frankly my muse is throwing so many images through my head that my heart and hands can't sculpt fast enough to keep up. Wish me luck with this new little one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing with a New Face

Had some time last week and played around with a much larger face. I started out with a paper mache egg, tilted on it's side a little (an Ankie Daanen trick), covered with foil and then tape.

Sad Little Girl.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mira WIP

Here is the base head armature. I took a hint from Mark Dennis and sculpted a "skull" like armature with the eyes already baked in place to have a starting point. I am not the type of artist that uses  measuring instruments, I go basically on whatever comes from my fingers. That is the joy in sculpting freehand and fantasy based figures, they can be whatever you wish them to be  and not follow any guideline but your own creativity.
First layer of clay around eyes and tops of forehead. I try to keep the clay as clean as possible and as smooth as possible.
More clay added to the face area so I can build up the nose and lips.
First stage of lips and nose...she looks like a baby monkey! :)
I have fine tuned her lips and nose some more and added more clay around the eyes. I use a tiny paint brush for smoothing.
Here is Mira's final head after baking. I can see now her left eye is a little higher then the right eye, but I am very happy with her results. She is going to be a cutie pie!
Here you see the arms before I baked them.

I am scraping the baked arms with an exacto knife to give it a more smoother lint free exterior. I follow up with a extra fine nail buffer to smooth it out. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Peek

She isn't quite done. I am working on a top hat for her. I am very proud of her. And so excited to be back in the game!!!!

New Art Sculpture

Okay. So everyone is aware that I have been missing in action lately. I have been struggling with life, depression, work, family... I got burned out. Stepped away from the clay. It has been roughly one year since I have sculpted something I was very proud of. Right after New Years...I heard a whisper. A flick of my ear...a thought...

So I listened. I sat down and began a piece. As the armature shaped from my hands...I could see her in my head. And my muse...smiling smugly...hands on hips...leading the way. Here is the beginning of my current project.