Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mira WIP

Here is the base head armature. I took a hint from Mark Dennis and sculpted a "skull" like armature with the eyes already baked in place to have a starting point. I am not the type of artist that uses  measuring instruments, I go basically on whatever comes from my fingers. That is the joy in sculpting freehand and fantasy based figures, they can be whatever you wish them to be  and not follow any guideline but your own creativity.
First layer of clay around eyes and tops of forehead. I try to keep the clay as clean as possible and as smooth as possible.
More clay added to the face area so I can build up the nose and lips.
First stage of lips and nose...she looks like a baby monkey! :)
I have fine tuned her lips and nose some more and added more clay around the eyes. I use a tiny paint brush for smoothing.
Here is Mira's final head after baking. I can see now her left eye is a little higher then the right eye, but I am very happy with her results. She is going to be a cutie pie!
Here you see the arms before I baked them.

I am scraping the baked arms with an exacto knife to give it a more smoother lint free exterior. I follow up with a extra fine nail buffer to smooth it out.