Monday, January 7, 2013

12 Rules To Live By

12 Rules To Live By
I recently read an article by Craig Ballantyne that suggested having a strong personal philosophy, guides you to guilt-free behavior that is supportive of your goals. Since the only resolution I have this year is to not have goals and instead embrace each day with conscious living, eating cleaner, and living happier, I thought this article was very helpful.
I have put together my twelve rules to live by and decided to share them with you.
1.     I will cosset the beautiful woman I am and accept compliments when given.
2.     I will share, teach and give freely.
3.     I will take time for myself and not feel guilty for doing so.
4.     I will consume a diet of plant based foods, limiting caffeine to the morning, alcohol for special occasions, and eat no animal products except seafood, minimally.
5.     I will not gossip or talk badly of others. I will not listen to gossip either.
6.     I will write with honesty and keep it raw.
7.     I will laugh, make someone laugh and make my daughter laugh, every day.
8.     I will show love to my loved ones every day.
9.     I will live minimally.
10.   I will not judge and not care if I am judged.
11.  I will help those in need when I can. I will help those in need even when I can’t.
12.  I will pray.

I hope this blog post inspires you to create your own 12 Rules to Live By.

In Love and Light,

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