Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magical Elixir

I am a member of the International Art Doll Registry and they have a re-occurring contest with different themes. For the month of May, the theme was ancient magic. Well the first thing that came to mind was "witch". And which witch would I do. Well Elphaba of course. She is the most famous witch of all.

I got really excited. I mean the chance to sculpt Elphie. WhooHoo! So I immediately began mixing the right clay for the job. After hours of adding green and more green and a little more green I came up with the right mixture. I now have in my supply enough green clay to make 3 Elphabas.

Knowing it would take me a long time I began sculpting her in April. No, it doesn't take me that long to sculpt, except that I have to work, be a mom, be a wife and have time for my nervous break downs.

I finished my lovely Elphaba Tuesday night and was so excited by her I ran into our bedroom and jumped on the bed ( I don't jump) and exclaimed to my husband "I just finished the best damn Elphaba sculpture ever made. Well at least by me!" He smiled gently and said "Let me go check her out." He of course praised me for my artistic talent, but then again, I think he was buttering me up for a fishing trip.

So what do you guys think? Is she good enough? Actually, I don't care, I love her. ;)