Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Memory Of My Sister Marcella Stroder Domec

         Today's post is pulled from my files of poetry. I lost my beautiful sister, my daughter's namesake, in September of 2005. She was on the heavier side and fought continuously during her adult life to lose weight. She made the final decision to go to Germany and have a vertical gastrectomy with duodenal switch preformed. She made it through the surgery fine, but during recovery developed an infection, which escalated to severe septic shock. Within hours it spread throughout her body, and eventually her organs started shutting down, and then she had a heart attack. The facility she was at was to blame. My mother reported the infection and my sister's declining health, all they needed to do was give her a huge dose of antibiotics, which is standard here in the United States, but the physicians told my sister, to toughen up.

        She was a beautiful soul. A wonderful sister and friend to many. And in honor of her birthday this month, I will share with you the poem I wrote to her after her death.


You were our strength
so filled with courage 

Your laughter
soars down the river of my tears
Your eyes
Glisten behind my closed lids 

In the depth of my dreams
these memories
rip through my heart and soul
bringing forth to the day


So quickly you were taken
One day here the next gone
Even the knowledge that you have transcended
does not ease my pain 

You were taken from this place
Ripped from our embrace
Leaving us lost in a sea of despair 

Written October 2005
Copyrighted by Mamie Ann Leger

We love and miss you Marcy. You will always be in our hearts and we think of you everyday.

Mamie Ann

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  1. Your poem is a lovely tribute to someone you clearly loved & adored so much. Not to mention your beautiful little girl. So sorry for the loss of your sister Mamie. (((hugs)))